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Marc Savoie
07 April 2009 @ 04:08 pm
What really gets me irked is when I come in at 9am, after having stayed a little late the night before, and offered to stay later to get things under control, and finding out that I have to copy and bind two 100 -age documents 5 times each, and have them served on people all over downtown Ottawa, by noon. They couldn't have had me stay late last night to deal with at least the photocopying? I think they could have, and should have. This deadline isn't a surprise or anything, I was told it would be no problem. And this after I constantly complain to them that they aren't giving me enough time to realistically do this work and do it to the BEST of my ability.

Then I get shit on when a small mistake is made. "Why are Exhibits X and Y on the same tab?" "Well, maybe it's cause the tab says 'XYZ' on it, and I felt that was clear enough, as did you last night..." "Or maybe it was because I didn't want to waste an entire other package of tabs just to get ONE tab out to make a new one for that Y Exhibit?" It's not life-changing. In fact, it doesn't affect anything in this case except for your goddamn sensitivities...

And then, making me rebind two entire booklets just because the title page on our own working copies were incorrect - "No, scratching out the incorrect title and writing the correct one in pen could cause confusion." Fucking dumb fuck.

And worse... "Wait, does this mean that all the ones that went out to parties today were like that?" No, it didn't. It meant that because I was in such a hurry this morning - your fault - I sort of threw everything I didn't need to get to people right away in a pile on my desk. When I grabbed the stuff to make our working copies from, I grabbed the wrong title page. Gods forbid. Too bad I'm human right?

I know I'm just bitching for the sake of bitching, but goddammit I'm so happy that I won't EVER have to step foot into this god-awful place after Thursday at 5pm.
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Marc Savoie
27 March 2009 @ 02:54 pm

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Marc Savoie
26 March 2009 @ 02:12 pm
Alright, so I know I just bombarded you with a bunch of stuff, but I just discovered this, and had to share...

Firstly, I discovered this through the Blogotheque website, a site I just discovered today (thanks to The World Forgot.

So, a little bit of backstory... There once was a group called The Rockets. These guys do Synth/Space Rock, and it's said that The Rockets inspired Daft Punk and other such bands.... Quite interesting to find out that there was a Daft Punk before Daft Punk.

Here's a The Rockets video, just for kicks (they are quite fun!):

Anyway, so the band was produced by a guy named Claude Lemoine, and eventually faded out after getting wildly popular in Italy, and releasing five albums... In the 90s, Claude Lemoine thought it would be great to combine Eurodance with a child's singing... You can see how this is going to be slightly funny, yeah? So he grabs his little 4-year old son, and has him sing 'Dur, dur d'être bébé' ('It's tough to be a baby') and mixes it in... Turns out to be rather hilarious and fun!

From Wikipedia:

"Jordy is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the youngest singer ever to have a #1 charted single. He achieved this feat at the tender age of four-and-a-half with the song "Dur dur d'être bébé!" ("It's Tough to Be a Baby"). "Dur dur d'être bébé" was #1 for 15 weeks in France and was a dance hit across Europe, Brazil, Bolivia, Colombia and Japan. It landed at #58 on the US charts....However, in 1994, the French government banned six-year-old Jordy from television and radio, out of concern that he was being exploited by his parents. Rumors of exploitation were furthered when the Lemoine family opened La Ferme de Jordy (Jordy's Farm), a children's tourist attraction which was a financial failure. In 1996 Jordy's parents divorced; he returned to school and was later emancipated."

"On February 28, 2006 he released his first new single in 12 years, "Je t'apprendrai"."

Too good, yeah? LOL
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Marc Savoie
26 March 2009 @ 11:13 am
So... I spoke to my work people yesterday and quit my position. If i don't get one of the other positions I'm waiting on news from before April 17th, I'll be taking a paycut to go back to the PSC. And I've never been so happy to potentially take a paycut. I need the eff outta here, and I'm finally getting out!

Read more...Collapse )

Here's some more music I recommend you all take some time to check out!

Scouting for Girls - I Wish I Was James Bond (Sorry, they turned off embedding... so annoying)

This next one's a little older (a year old or something) but it's still one of the greater ones! :D Yelle - Je Veux te Voir... And besides, who could not like that Happy Face shirt, and girls working out to fun music?

I recently discovered this song... Two of my favourite mainstream artists - Alicia Keyes and Jack White (from White Stripes) - get together and, as I'm sure you can imagine, create beautiful music! Alicia Keyes & Jack White - Another Way to Die.

I visit this music blog called The World Forgot that I rather enjoy. Always very interesting music posted by its author. That being said, he recently posted about the Arcade Fire. My favourite part of that post - the collaboration between David Bowie and The Arcade Fire on Wake Up. This is like super old news, I remember reading about this collaboration when I discovered Arcade Fire for the very first time. Bowie's pretty much always been a fan of the bad... Anyway, it was neat to actually hear the collaboration, and I thought I would share it with you.


The fourth link in the post is the Bowie collaboration. Highly recommended! If you take some time to read the comments below the post, you'll notice a link to HERE where there's a video of The Arcade Fire preparing for a show and doing Neon Bible to warm up and yet another version of Wake Up as their first number in the show. Kind of makes me want to see them live.
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Marc Savoie
23 March 2009 @ 12:36 pm
Anyone remember the old YTV shorts?  Here's a few fun ones for remembering!!!  You can't help but love 90s 3D animation!

Those are all great, but this one is the BEST!!!!

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Marc Savoie
11 March 2009 @ 10:55 am
So, I got up about 15 minutes before my job interview this morning... Ooops!!!  I did make it on time, though.  Hooray for living 10 minutes away from everything!  Yet again, living downtown is tha BESTEST!

Anyway, so I had an interview for an indeterminate AS-02 position with Department of Fisheries and Oceans, as previously mentioned.  It went extremely well, as far as I'm concerned.  I've found, however, that it's tough to do an interview and to relate to a job where you do nothing of substance besides photocopying and filing.  I ended up having to refer to a position that I held three jobs ago mostly...  Luckily that job had me doing some pretty interesting things, so I was able to give great examples and answers to all their questions. 

I should find out in a couple of weeks or so how it went.  *keeps fingers crossed*
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Marc Savoie
10 March 2009 @ 10:47 am
Been a while since I've posted any new music....  I have recently discovered some rather great groups that I thought I would share with yall!!!

The Ting Tings

I love me Indie chick bands...  These guys are like a mix between Rilo Kiley and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs...   Or nothing like that... You decide!

(it won't let me embed the video, so you'll have to deal with this link instead)

Coeur de Pirate

Yes, it's French music, and it's soft rocky....  But I just can't get enough of this young lady's voice, and the piano accompanying is absolutely beautiful!  Another great song by them is called Corbeau.

Fleet Foxes

These guys are like Coeur de Pirate if the lead singer was a man, and if they smoked way too much weed.  Or something...  I dunno, but there's something about this song that makes me think of sitting around a fire with my family and singing those crazy old campfire songs...  Their sound is somewhat reminiscient of Animal Collective with maybe a bit of The Beetles thrown in for good measure, which I do rather enjoy, and hope you will too!

Natalie Portman's Shaved Head

Yep, that's the band's name.  These guys are like a group of High School kids having fun being ridiculous, and they're TOTALLY FUN!!!!  The song I've posted is Sophisticated Side Ponytail, and that's all I should have to say.  I mean, with lyrics like "I like it when you say you're gonna beat kids up, that's so hot!  That's so hot!" is it even possible to go wrong?  Their song, Beard Lust, is my new theme song.


So I'll be honest... I'd never heard of these guys until just now, but the song has potential to be a great dance anthem (if it isn't already somewhere) and the video for Jerk It just made me crack up. 

Deer Tick

I heard about these guys on www.theworldforgot.com , which is probably the best music blog I've stumbled across on the internuts, and I just couldn't help but to share with you guys.  They have the kind of sound you'd want to hear in a small pub while you're pounding back the beers, shooting some pool, and all around enjoying life.

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Marc Savoie
10 March 2009 @ 10:25 am
RIght, so I hate my job.  I'm pretty sure that I have said this previously, but I just wanted to reiterate that.  I haven't done a single thing yet today.  Granted that I've only been here for 1.5 hours, that's still balls.  Last Friday, I didn't do a single thing in the 7.5 hours I was in the office.  This is just a continuation of something that's been a problem since I started in this position.  I've made it clear to the people that I work for that I no longer want to work here.  I'm sick of the bullshit I have to sit through every day all day.  I'm sick of being bored outta my skull at work.  That being said, I am still here, even though I could end my secondment early and go back to the PSC.  I figure that's the better move, career-wise.  So I'm sticking it out, getting paid as an AS-02, but doing the job of a CR-04, or nothing at all....

I have an interview tomorrow morning for Department of Fisheries and Oceans.  That means I'll most likely get that position.  It's rare I don't get a position after doing an interview.  I also have a second or third test for an AS-02 pool at the PSC.  I wouldn't mind going back to the PSC, really.  I just want to stay at the AS-02 level, not have to go back to the AS-01 level. 

I also recently did an interview for an AS-02 position for the Department of Foreign Affairs and Internationl Trade.  A position where I'd be working in Afghanistan for a year.  I'm still on the fence about that one.  A part of me knows that it would be a life-changing experience, that it would be smart financially, and that this is the time in my life that I should be doing things like that.  The other part of me is screaming that it's dangerous, that I'll be isolated and all by myself in a war-torn country for a whole year, that I cannot possibly leave everyone I love and hold dear to my heart behind for a whole year.  I still haven't heard back from them, but everyday I wait, I lean more and more towards the not going side of the fence... but I'm waiting on an answer from them before making my own decision.

So anyway, I hope that one of these positions pans out for me.  I would love to be able to get the feck outta here.  I am at the point right now where I think that if I don't get the DFO position I'm just going to end my secondment early and head back to the PSC.  Sure I'd be taking a paycut, but chances are I could work for the President's Office again, so that would make up for the cut - even if it means overtime a couple times a week. 
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Marc Savoie
This is WAY too good.... Seriously, watch the whole thing, you'll nearly die laughing!

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Marc Savoie
So things are finally starting to look up. Karma took its sweet damn ass time to return on this one. Anyway, within the next couple of months, I'm hoping my life will more or less go back to normal. I'm pretty excited about that, lemme tell ya!

In other news, I'm burnt up like a piggy on the BBQ. Playing cards naked in the sun without any sunscreen on is not the best idea... for the record. Gay campgrounds, however, are the shiznit!

And, for your viewing pleasure, two songs that currently make me pretty damn wet in the pants, including what I believe to be the only decent song on Madonna's newest album...

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