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21 July 2008 @ 10:33 am
Music gets the best of me, but guess who gets the rest of me!  
So things are finally starting to look up. Karma took its sweet damn ass time to return on this one. Anyway, within the next couple of months, I'm hoping my life will more or less go back to normal. I'm pretty excited about that, lemme tell ya!

In other news, I'm burnt up like a piggy on the BBQ. Playing cards naked in the sun without any sunscreen on is not the best idea... for the record. Gay campgrounds, however, are the shiznit!

And, for your viewing pleasure, two songs that currently make me pretty damn wet in the pants, including what I believe to be the only decent song on Madonna's newest album...

How I'm Feeling: chipperchipper
What I'm Listening To: Sophis Ellis Bextor - Music Gets the Best of Me