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Marc Savoie
11 July 2008 @ 02:59 pm
I've been watching a bunch of old cartoon intros... Ah, the memories!

Here's a few of my favourites:

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Marc Savoie
08 July 2008 @ 03:43 pm
I'm so sick of curve balls. I'm sick of things changing, and my life being in constant upheaval... I want to find somewhere where I can just be and continue to be without having to worry about what someone else might do to fuck it up... I think I want to disappear for a while, but that's next to impossible nowadays... Think anyone would notice if I ran away to another world? It's taking everything in me not to break down crying here at work... I took a washroom break to do just that.
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Marc Savoie
25 June 2008 @ 02:52 pm
10. You vigorously deny the existence of God, yet you frequently blame him for everything that is wrong in modern society.

9. You repeatedly insist that man did not, in fact, evolve from an ape. Apes and men both evolved from another species who did not resemble Curious George in any way.

8. You criticize Christians who don't know their Bible, yet you have never opened any of Darwin's texts.

7. While all created evidence and reasoning point to a Creator and absolute truth, you prefer to hide behind relativism and a theory of evolution which does not, in fact, describe the creation of the universe at all.

6. You can't seem to understand the fundamental differences between fundamental Muslims and fundamental Christians (hint: strap-on TNT)

5. You willingly attribute all historical atrocities in Europe to a demographic that contained approximately 100% of Europeans during the period in question.

4. You also like to ignore the beneficial discoveries of the aforementioned demographic.

3. You don't realize that a closed system can be defined however the observer wants, so you throw out technological phrases to try to ignore the implications of thermodynamics.

2. You accuse Christians of being hateful and you hope that they DIAF.

1. Your biggest complaint is that these typically hopeful and caring people want to share the greatest single thing in their life with you. You're like an idiot who wipes with winning lottery tickets. Clap. Clap.

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Marc Savoie
25 June 2008 @ 10:16 am
Hello life,

I understand that it has been absolute ages since I last checked in on you. I realize that I have been neglecting you, and that though you’re still interesting, and sometimes absolutely crazy, that I have been pretending that you don’t exist, but you do, and you remind me of that every now and again, often to my chagrine.

Things have been absolutely nuts over the past few months. My entire life, which was going so fantastically well, got flipped upside down and shaken. After having lived very comfortably and happily with Heidi and Florian for a little over a year, I was given about one a half weeks’ notice by them before they moved out. Given the brevity of the time I had to get things in order for me to take over the lease, I jumped into a crazy situation that I already regret. Suffice it to say that the apartment is now under my and my new roomie’s name, and that our banks are suffering big time because of it.

Luckily, the suffering of my bank account is slightly alleviated by the new permanent for-realZ government job that I now have. Benefits, paid sickdays, paid holidays, it’s all fucking great! Of course, I started this job just before having to change apartments, so the whole “It’s gonna help me get on my feet before Heidi and Flo move out!” thing went down the drain pretty damn quickly. Not terribly impressed by that, but what can ya do right?

I absolutely love the apartment I’m in, and think I will probably be here for quite some time to come. I don’t picture myself living with my current roomie for an overly extended period of time or anything, but he will eventually move out, I expect. For now, it works. Either way, we’re stuck together for a year. Stupid leases…

My new boss is anal about employee development, so I have been taking courses right, left, and centre since I began here. I recently took a Principles of Plain Language course, to teach me how to write properly. Kind of funny, that. Anyway, the next course that I’m kind of excited about is an “Editing Skills for the Workplace” workshop and a “Project Planning and Control: Techniques and Tools” course in October. I am still toying with the possibility of doing the latter in Montreal rather than here in Ottawa. I think it would be lots of fun, and would be interesting in that I would be taking the course with regional operations’ people rather than people who work in the National Capital Region. Once I get my life under control, once my debts are paid, once I have a Bachelors, I would like to start working in the regions on one-year or so contracts. Specifically, I think I would love to live in Montreal for a year, and then Vancouver for a year, then maybe Halifax or Edmonton for a year or six months or something. So that’s something that I’ve been keeping in mind and on the horizon. Some time off yet, I know, but it’ll happen eventually.

By January I should be back in University. I will begin taking one to three courses per semester, making sure, as much as possible, that they would not conflict with my job, and slowly work my way towards a Bachelor of Social Science in International Development and Globalization… If they let me change faculties. Otherwise, it’ll probably be something like a Bachelor of General Arts. Not as interesting, but should do the trick.

In March, just before I started this new job, my last job sent me across Canada to help host Engagement workshops in Saskatoon, Edmonton, Vancouver, and Montreal. For one and a half weeks I was flying across Canada. I went west of Ontario for the first time in my life… Flew for the second time in my life… Got to see an ocean for the first time ever… And had a wonderful amazing time. All in all, I’m pretty darn happy about it!

Anyway, life, you’ve become more or less bearable, these past couple of weeks, but just barely. That being said, when it’s good, it’s god-damned good, so I’ll try not to complain too much.

Vive la résistance! (you boner-biting uncle fucker!)
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Marc Savoie
03 January 2008 @ 02:02 pm
Before I get on to the whole life thing, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year (albeit belated on both accounts) to everyone. Hope you had wonderful holidays, and hope your 2008 will be better than 2007!

A bit about my life, but mostly, just a huge pile of word vomit... Read at own discretion, I don't think I've ever felt or sounded so damned emo in my life....Collapse )
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Marc Savoie
17 December 2007 @ 09:55 am
...thanks to shoooola for this, the best XMas song EVAR!

This may very well have reinforced my respect and love for The Killers. What a frakking great video, and song!
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Marc Savoie
17 December 2007 @ 09:46 am
So... One of my favourite online comics, Least I Could Do, has begun to do informercials or whatever for other people.

Here's their first one:

Now, granted that I think it's sad that they're making money peddling an internal deodorizer (I mean, seriously?) but the characters are all awesome! I absolutely LOVE it!

Well done Ryan and Lar!

On another note, life's crazy... no change there. Three possibilities of permanent government positions on the horizon. I should have benefits and paid leave and all that fun stuff within about three months, so that's really nice.

Boys are stoopid, that is all on that front.

I'm absolutely fucking SICK of winter. I mean, what is this shit? 2 feet of snow in 24 hours? Mother Nature, I'm gonna have you killed. I mean, there's a line between joke and insult, and you're way the fuck over it.

Christmas is just around the corner. This year will be different from every previous year in that I will be in Sudbury instead of New Liskear until Christmas Eve. I'll be spending the second half of holidays with mom in North Bay, but Suds... That'll be way weird. On the plus side, I will probably be hitting up the ONE gay bar there on Saturday night with Brandon when he gets in that night! :) How exciting! :D

Alright, I am outtie! Bye boys and girls! Hope all is well! Keep smiling, and remember, chickens don't wear pants.
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Marc Savoie
03 December 2007 @ 11:50 am

Ganked from the_o_in_god
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Marc Savoie
09 November 2007 @ 11:49 am
This is getting kinda ridiculous.

Aqua Dots contain traces of GHB

I think it's ridiculous that kids can now date rape their friends... *sighs*
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Marc Savoie
01 November 2007 @ 12:10 pm
Day One: Whee!

Day Two: I like to run!

Day Three: I look good when I run!

Day Four: I also look good standing still. Running across Riddermark v. good excercise. I swear my butt has just gotten firmer. Is that even possible?

Day Six: Is Gimli staring at my butt?

Day Seven: No wonder he's always lagging behind.

Day Eight: Unnerving moment when bumped into Eomer. Thought he might be prettier than me until he took off helmet. Fortunately he looks like an aardvark. He hit on Gimli but I warned him right off. Nobody tries it on with my dwarf.

Am still the prettiest.

Day Nine: Pile of dead and smoking Orc corpses so not pretty. Aragorn showed off and went on and on regarding hobbits laying about tied up. Do not know why he thinks kinky hobbit games so important.

Still prettiest.

Day Ten: Bother! Fangorn Forest. Leaf mold terrible for my complexion.

Still prettiest but a bit on clammy, unwashed side.

Day Eleven: Bumped into Gandalf who is all sparkly white now. Asked him, "Who do you have to blow to get last bottle of bleach in Middle Earth anyway?" Gandalf said, "The Balrog." So not worth it.

Am rethinking, though. Roots are showing.

Still prettiest although at this rate for how long?

Day Twelve: Asked Gandalf for Balrog's number. Gandalf said I couldn't call him. I told him not to be jealous and posessive. He said he wasn't, it was just that he killed Balrog last week.

Note to self: never date Gandalf.

Day Fifteen: Arrived in Edoras. V. upset. Suspect Eowyn may be prettier than me. Most unexpected as always thought shield-maidens were more hefty, pear-shaped types.

Not the prettiest! V. bitter.

Day Nineteen: Aragorn stood up to Theoden today. Aragorn so butch. Have goosebumps.

Day Twenty: Poke bonnet absolutely hideous. No longer even remotely pretty. Considering suicide.

Day Twenty-seven: Exeunt Aragorn, pursued by wolves of Isengard. On con side: Am stuck with ugly necklace. On pro side: No longer have to wear poke bonnet. Am pretty again!

Day Twenty-nine: Aragorn back. Apparently taking header off cliff not as deadly as one would have thought. Told him to throw me down and shag me senseless, but he just clapped me on the shoulder in a manly fashion and said, "Yeah, it can get a little chapped sometimes but just put some lotion on it."

Aragorn just kind of a wanker, really.

Day Twenty-Nine: Battle of Helm's Deep so embarassing. If was not bad enough to face thought of death at the hands of smelly Orcs in backwater rural province, have now been saved at zero hour by Haldir showing up with really bad weave.

On plus side, Eowyn stuck in rancid cave. Perhaps will develop cave blight. Then I will be prettiest forever.

Day Thirty: Battle over. Gandalf always fashionably late it seems. Hopes for after-battle quickie dashed because Aragorn sulking over postcard from Faramir. Is jealous over Ringbearer. Told him Sam will kill Faramir if he tries anything but Aragorn not cheered up.

Sod him. Have received suggestive note from Eomer. Will go see if what they say about men of Riddermark is actually true.

No one has bothered to get Eowyn out of cave yet. Still the prettiest by far!

Excerpt from The Very Secret Diaries, courtesy of Cassandra Claire
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