In a Faerie's Mind

A Faerie Godfather's Journal

Marc Savoie
19 August 1983
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I'm not here to impress you, I'm here to live. That is my purpose, that is anyone's purpose. All other purposes are simply over-complications of life itself.

I'm your run of the mill easy going nice guy! I don't believe in bullshit, I don't believe in drama, and I don't believe in caring much about what others think of me... I love life, and so I live it to the best of my possible abilities... Like every other human being, I have my bad moods, and may snap at you if I'm in one, but that happens quite rarely, and unless you really deserved it, I'll apologize for it later... My friends tell me I have a penchant for over explaining everything... My best friend calls them my little stories... I draw, I write poetry, I read, and I do other artistic things... I work during the week and party on the weekends, I smoke dope, and I love sex... I love my room mate's pussies, their names are Maberley and Tinkerbell, they complete me... That's about as much as you need to know about me!